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Festival des Libertés

Festival des Libertés

Festival des Libertés

Belgium, Brussels


The festival of Liberties has become progressively established in the Brussels film landscape through its programme of international, unscreened documentary films complemented by meetings with directors. Political and artistic, cross-cultural and interactive, festive and subversive, the festival mobilizes all the forms of expression to bear witness to the situation of rights and freedom in the world. This festival will warn for the dangers that threaten these rights and liberties, incite resistance, promote solidarity, but also to gather and relax. The Festival seeks to promote humanist, secularist, political values and the notion of “living together” through a multi-disciplinary approach. There will be an international film/documentary competition, theatre, music and dance with international artists, conferences, public debates and exhibitions.


16 October 2014 - 25 October 2014


Belgium, Brussels

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15 May 2014

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