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Movies that Matter Festival

Movies that Matter Festival

Movies that Matter Festival

Netherlands, The Hague


Movies that Matter screens and promotes films that draws our attention to human rights and situations in which these are at stake. The foundation's peak activity is the annual Movies that Matter Festival, taking place at the end of March in The Hague, International City of Peace and Justice.

The Movies that Matter Festival is the Netherlands' main platform for engaged cinema, with over seventy documentaries and feature films of inspired filmmakers being screened every year. The festival features two main programmes; A Matter of ACT, Amnesty International’s documentary film competition that pays tribute to brave activists who defend human rights at the frontline, while Camera Justitia deals with international justice and the worldwide fights against impunity.

Each year a selection of the best IDFA human rights documentaries is being presented, alongside with a retrospective of an impressive filmmaker and a number of varying theme programmes. Apart from the regular film programme, the festival hosts daily talk shows and debates, musical performances and exhibitions. The audience is given ample opportunity to interact with international guests, including prominent human right defenders, politicians and filmmakers.

Along with the festival, Movies that Matter initiates a number of other projects including events, educational programmes and a growing number of international activities. It promotes human rights film screenings worldwide, offers advice and assistance and stimulates the exchange of knowledge and experience. Through its Support Programme it offers modest monetary assistance to initiate human rights film festivals and to help circulate and exhibit human rights films in Africa, Asia, Eastern Europe, and Latin America.


23 March 2018 - 31 March 2018


Netherlands, The Hague

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1 December 2017

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