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Pravo Ljudski Film Festival

Pravo Ljudski Film Festival

Pravo Ljudski Film Festival

Bosnia and Herzegovina, Sarajevo


Pravo Ljudski has established itself as a specific and recognizable public space to engender social action and civic activism by promoting socially engaged art, cinema, non-formal education and cross-cultural dialogue.

Pravo Ljudski promotes personal rights and freedoms, democratic values and a non-discriminatory approach as a basis for affecting the public opinion on human rights and equality. Moreover, Pravo Ljudski aims to empower every individual and youth particularly to actively participate in public life. By presenting socially responsible and committed art forms and cinema from around the world, discussions and debates and promotion of civic activism and engagement, Pravo Ljudski constantly addresses topics and problems from our everyday lives in an informal setting, thus developing space for focused debate and civic action.

Pravo Ljudski is committed to the development of critical citizenship through independent human rights cinema and socially engaged creative documentary film. They are committed to the plurality of truth and believe in critical, poetic, illuminating art forms embracing the beauty of differences and questioning different forms of power relations and discrimination. Pravo Ljudski was awarded with the prestigious Farah Tahirbegovic award in 2010, for its contribution in the field of culture, its devotion to human rights promotion, and selfless acting and volunteerism.

The main film festival takes place in Sarajevo. Film screenings will also be organised in several cities across Bosnia and Herzegovina (Pravo Ljudski Off).


11 November 2015 - 16 November 2015


Bosnia and Herzegovina, Sarajevo

Submission date

1 August 2015

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