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HRFN partners with Artist at Risk Connection (ARC)

One of the objectives of the Human Rights Film Network (HRFN) is to promote a conducive international environment for human rights film makers, in particular those at risk for their life or repressed by censorship. The HRFN now partners with the Artists at Risk Connection (ARC), an interactive hub to gather, share, and coordinate the many forms of assistance available to artists at risk, including filmmakers.

ARC, which started in October 2017, aims to safeguard the freedom to create art, and ensure that artists everywhere can live and work without fear. They aim at strengthening connections between threatened artists and the organizations that support them, expanding the universe of institutions and organizations actively engaged in artist assistance, and facilitating assistance collaborations to serve artists at risk efficiently.

ARC has recently launched a public, searchable online database featuring hundreds of organizations around the world that offer assistance to threatened artists. For artists, the database will be a place to discover the diverse range of resources, opportunities, and services available for their unique circumstances in a single click. For organizations and initiatives that support artists, it will be a hub to connect with each other and with the artists themselves.

Since its launch, ARC raised attention for various film makers, including Eddy Munyaneza (Burundi), Elif Refig and Cayan Demirel (Turkey), Hossein Rajabian (Iran), Neti Wichiasaen (Thailand) and the Ukrainian Oleg Sentsov (imprisoned in Russia).

Learn more about ARC here:

Photo credit: Inside Out Project, JR, 2015.