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Document Human Rights Film Festival

Glasgow (United Kingdom)

Document is the only dedicated international human rights documentary film festival in Scotland. Document began in 2003 and this year we will present our 17th edition of the festival. Document is held annually in October, and we are a grassroots initiative that aims to use film as an advocacy tool to raise the profile and promote debate of human rights & social issues across the globe.

This year Document will be running from 29 October - 1 November 2020.Our festival base is Scottish Youth Theatre in Glasgow where most of our events will be taking place although some do take place in other venues around Glasgow. Document Human Rights Film Festival turns 18 this year and while these are uncertain times for all, we hope to be able to screen a selection of creative and urgent documentaries from all over the world. As such, we opened a short window for accepting submissions, for free, via FilmFreeway, until 1 August 2020. 

Document has built its reputation by screening films which critically engage with the world we live in at the start of the 21st century; stories at once personal and universal in significance, by emerging and established filmmakers from every country and culture.

The festival provides a unique platform that attracts Scottish, UK and International documentary filmmakers and promotes local and international discussion, cultural exchange and education. We screen a large and diverse selection of human rights films that are rarely shown in the UK to offer a broader understanding of issues often ignored by the mainstream media.

We show work in a wide range of styles, from reportage to cinematic essays, from investigative journalism to experimental forms addressing issues such as: immigration & asylum; women; war & conflict; self-determination; racism; miscarriages of justice; eviction; poverty; social exclusion; workers/unemployed rights; mental health & social care; young people; human trafficking; indigenous cultures; environmental concerns; global policies & local consequences; and LGBT rights. We aim to be flexible, open to persuasion, and always ready to be surprised by an unexpected form or theme.

As a member of the Human Rights Film Network we visit sister documentary festivals throughout the year to help build further ties with the international community of human rights advocates, filmmakers and programmers. We collaborate with many individuals and organisations working on the ground throughout Scotland and the UK and beyond to highlight the issues raised in the films.

By screening dynamic and thought-provoking work from every continent and by attracting international directors and guest speakers to Glasgow, Document has become a significant player in the field of international human rights And, in so doing, we have helped to promote the image of Scotland abroad as a politically engaged, tolerant and multicultural society.