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Fast Forward Human Rights Film Festival

Podgorica (Montenegro)

Fast Forward Human Rights Film Festival, the first and only of its kind in Montenegro, aims to raise awareness amongst the citizens of Montenegro about relevance of human rights, their protection and promotion, and foster a system of values which underpins harmonious relations between different people – whatever the grounds for their difference.


FAST FORWARD begins on the International Human Rights Day (10 December). During the past eight editions of FAST FORWARD, which debuted in 2010, screened nearly 110 Montenegrin premiers of wonderful films of most recent production and most of them winners of numerous nominations, awards and recognition all around the world. Furthermore, several movies were screened at side events during the year within the thematic panel discussions. This way, the concept of human rights attracted a broad audience through an innovative and refreshing artistic approach. Growing attendance of the FAST FORWARD Human Rights Film Festival, which is in recent years simultaneously conducted in Capital City Podgorica, Berane (north of Montenegro) and Kotor (south of Montenegro), with more than 3,500 visitors in 2017, fully justifies its existence, and it is especially encouraging that many of the visitors are young people who leave the screenings additionally inspired to stand up for their rights and rights of those who are not able to do that.


The value of the Fast Forward Human Rights Film Festival is also its regional component, reflected in continuing cooperation with similar festivals in the region, starting with the Pravo Ljudski Film Festival from Sarajevo, later on with Beldocs from Belgrade and Sarajevo Film Festival from Sarajevo.

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