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Festival Del Cinema Dei Diritti Umani Di Napoli

Naples (Italy)

The Naples Human Rights Film Festival was born in 2008 as an initiative of the association "Cinema e Diritti" with the aim of establishing a reference point for Human Rights debate in Southern Europe opening up a dialogue among civil societies from the Middle East to North Africa and to Northern Europe and America.The tradition of hospitality in the city of Naples and its function as a crossroad for migrant people since the Middle Age allows us today to establish a meeting point for communities that are moving towards democracy and peace. Naples, through the project of its Film Festival, aims to become a “Human Rights City”, and has been aligned with Buenos Aires and its DerHumALC festival from the beginning. The Festival of Naples is designed and built every year through a process of participation that features the city's neighborhood associations and municipalities from the metropolitan area. Each association chooses a day and a topic from universal rights developing it through movies, presentations and open debates. Guests are available to schools and universities for lectures and discussions; and there is a documentary film competition. Shows are all free. The main target audience of the festival is scholars and university students, but also the outlying communities and most vulnerable social groups, as far as immigrants and Roma people. Every year the winners of the competition are admitted in the selection of the DerHumALC Film Festival and awarded with a contribution in travel expenses to attend the "Ventana sobre Napoles" which takes place in Buenos Aires and that reinforces the friendship with the Argentinean Festival.

XIV edition of the Naples Human Rights Film Festival November 16-26, 2022

"UN: Peace (im) possible"

The Fourteenth Edition of the Naples Human Rights Film Festival entitled "UN: PEACE (IM)POSSIBLE?" will take place in November 2022 in the city of Naples.

The XIV Festival is dedicated to the role of the UN and the need to relaunch its presence as guarantor of peace in the world, also in the light of recent events in Ukraine.

During the Festival's "International Events" cases of crisis in the UN system and the reasons for its gradual decline will be examined and reform projects will be presented.

It will be very important to spread the knowledge of the functioning of the UN system in schools and universities and understand what could be the future of the largest peace institution in history.

The call for film competition closes on June 30th

This is the link to register the works:


The selected works - documentary, fiction and animation - will describe aspects of current reality, with a look at the social/cultural/economic/environmental issues that globalization and the crisis of traditional development models have inevitably brought to the attention of the world community, and also possible solutions, good practices and forms of resistance to civil degradation that communities, associations and citizens experience daily.

Works that recount real cases of denunciation or human resistance, individual or collective, which oppose threats, abuse, violence, dictatorships and aggression against people belonging to ethnic or cultural minorities or weak social groups, are particularly welcome.

The XIV Naples Human Rights Film Festival Competition is divided into 6 sections:

A) HUMAN RIGHTS DOC AWARD, open to works lasting longer than 52 minutes

B) HUMAN RIGHTS SHORT AWARD, open to short films lasting less than or equal to 52 minutes

C) HUMAN RIGHTS YOUTH AWARD, open to works of authors under 25 years of age or addressed to an audience of children and/or young people up to 25 years of age, lasting no longer than 30 minutes.

D) SWISS AMBASSADOR FOR PEACE AWARD, open to works about events and issues related to the theme of Peace.

E) PRIZE "UN PONTE PER...", addressed to works that deal with topics related to migration, political asylum and refugees.

F) "FICC" PRIZE, open to works about the commitment and experiences related to the work of the Agencies of the United Nations.

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