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Human Rights Film Festival Berlin

Berlin (Germany)

Festival: The Human Rights Film Festival Berlin focuses on stories from all parts of the world that vividly address and reflect on human action, the socio-political status quo and fundamental issues such as democracy, justice, freedom and environmental protection. Through discussions and Q&As with filmmakers, activists and experts, the festival creates a platform to gain new perspectives on our world.

Forum: The Human Rights Forum is an international platform to discuss storytelling in the context of human rights, activism and empowerment. Together with international experts, we will explore transdisciplinary synergies, share our knowledge and learn from each other. Within the program, the forum showcases best case examples, offers new perspectives and approaches, and builds a platform for cultural actors, film professionals, as well as activists and representatives of civil society organizations to join forces.

Initiator of the Festival: The festival was launched by Aktion gegen den Hunger in 2018. The aim: to move people and bring about a change in thinking and acting. The international humanitarian and development organisation works for people in need in around 50 countries around the world. For 40 years they have been fighting hunger and malnutrition, providing access to clean water and health care, providing emergency aid and helping people to build sustainable livelihoods.

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