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How to become a member

How to become a member

Why join the HRFN?

  • To strengthen your presence on the (human rights) film festival world map.
  • To exchange ideas, experiences and methods with other members.
  • To benefit from the network's promotional tools: cross referencing between members' websites, HRFN website, leaflet.
  • To participate in joint efforts to improve human rights films exposure worldwide.
  • To stimulate the human rights film climate and support its filmmakers

How much does the membership cost?

HRFN asks for a annual small membership fee to keep up operations and to update the HRFN website. There are two different membership fees. Festivals from countries that provide easier access to and more opportunities for funding will pay a EUR 200 annual membership fee. Festivals from countries with a lesser financial infrastructure will pay a EUR 100 annual membership fee.

Who can join the HRFN?

Membership to the Network is open to any human rights film festival organization that subscribes to the principles and practices as recognized by the Network and described in its charter. The festival must already have passed its second edition. HRFN values the territoriality of its members: If your festival is taking place in a country/city that already features a HRFN member festival, please get in touch with the HRFN partner from your country/city first.

How to join the HRFN?

New festivals can be accepted on recommendation by members and approval of the annual meeting of the network, which usually takes place during the International Documentary Film Festival in Amsterdam (IDFA). Approval will be granted on the basis of festival track record, regularity of events and other basic information. Your application can be send to the HRFN secretariat: before November 1st. If you would like to join the network please:

  1. get support from at least two HRFN members, through a letter of reference, who will support your application;
  2. send a written application indicating why you would like to become a member and what you will bring to the network;
  3. provide a short (written) presentation of the history of the festival and your future plans;
  4. send at least one issue of your festival publications (folders, catalogue, etc.) to the secretariat of the network.