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Film professionals in support of the Ukrainian people

The Human Rights Film Network has signed a letter of support in solidarity and support of our friends of Docuadays Ukraine, and the film community in Ukraine. The letter with signatories is published here.

Text of the letter:

We, the undersigned, express our support to the people of Ukraine in such a dire moment. The Kremlin's aggression is a terrible act of war that has no place in modern society, in Europe or a democratic world.

We stand with the Ukrainian people and ask that the response of the international community will be adequate and Putin's hostile act will not go unpunished. No country has the right to violate the borders of a sovereign state under the pretext of any lie. This is an attack on democracy. 

We, the international documentary community of filmmakers and film professionals, condemn such an act of aggression. We call upon political representatives to take action, respond to the Russian invasion and to work together towards the withdrawal of Russian troops from Ukraine.

We ask the international community to support Ukrainian journalists, filmmakers and artists as they document their reality in the face of the ongoing information war also being waged against them.

Let us add that hatred towards Russian people based on the acts of individuals is also reprehensible. We also stand with the many Russians who condemn Putin's actions, regime and who make many courageous contributions towards a free and just world despite the risks to their own personal safety.

Stay strong, Ukrainian friends!