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Karama Beirut Human Rights Film Festival

Beirut (Lebanon)

Art Factory 961 is a Beirut-based non-profit NGO, think tank and creative space that aims to advocate and instigate the culture of human rights and the human citizenship. Denouncing violence and violation of the human spirit in all its forms by cultivating arts and culture in various ways, through the production and distribution of film, theatre, music, workshops, panel discussions and outreach programs. The team is composed of filmmakers, professors of cinema, activists, performing artists, and visual artists.

The NGO holds at utmost importance that its message and tools are accessible and beneficial to the society as a whole.  It offers locals access to the creative space and all its activities, as well as sets out to carefully design outreach programs that artistically empower the local community, minorities, and marginalized communities in Lebanon.

Art Factory 961 is moreover a part of ANHAR; a regional network of film festivals and affiliated organizations functioning to advance the cause of human rights. This network encourages communication and collaboration between filmmakers all over the region nurturing through their projects international human rights to all those in their countries and societies with no political or commercial affiliations.

Below a video link about the first edition:

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Haytham Chamass - KBHRFF Director