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Cineteca of Human Rights

Cultural Management Center of Sucre PUKAÑAWI was founded in 2004 to express the relationship of cinema and human rights. In Quechua PUKAÑAWI means "red eye".

Before announcing the International Film Festival of Human Rights "The Seventh Eye is yours" (FESTIMO) PUKAÑAWI had produced the following films: "Year 501" (1993), "The announcement of the Restoration" (2002) "refound the country" (2003), "Two yotaleños in Paris" (2004) and "The spirit of Tupac Katari" (2006) which received several awards.

The Festival "The Seventh Eye is yours" FESTIMO is a cultural action, a free event is the annual meeting of films that defend humanity and denounce the violation of human rights. They are short, medium and feature films, documentaries and animation from different countries that calls for different audiences through a formal selection.

The FESTIMO invited to an international jury of filmmakers and human rights defenders and with the vote of the Bolivian Public Eye Award, Latin American and international Eye Eye in the categories short, medium and feature films is given.

The FESTIMO in its twelfth edition has chosen as the theme to the film as a territory in motion as a way to reflect on the audiovisual sovereignty.

The Cinematheque on Human Rights also includes a distribution platform, a film school and its own infrastructure. The Cinematheque of Human Rights was adopted on November 24, 2008 at the meeting of the Human Rights Film Network at the headquarters of Movies that Matter in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. The reasons for this decision were: the celebration of the 60th anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the adoption of the Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples, and the refounding of Bolivia.

Documentary Film School of Human and Nature "School of Nature" has organized its first year 2015 with the support of Traditions for Tomorrow and integrated .is the Federation of Schools of Image and Sound Latin America - FEISAL.

The Human Rights Cinematheque organizes film festivals throughout the year as part of the program of human rights education and training public.