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Under our Skin International Film Festival on Human Rights & Culture

Nairobi (Kenya)

The Under our Skin International Film Festival on Human Rights & Culture is an annual event based in Kenya, serving as a platform that embraces the transformative potential of cross-community dialogues. Our commitment lies in cultivating spaces for individuals to engage in meaningful conversations. The festival revolves around three core themes:


This thematic pillar delves into human rights issues concerning self-expression, sexuality, class, gender, culture, and other significant dimensions.


This segment explores concepts of corruption at the state level and police brutality, with a good example derived from the tense dynamics witnessed in informal settlements between communities and those in power.


Examining the perpetuation of injustice within the country's infrastructural framework, this theme encompasses diverse examples, ranging from processes of decolonization to the plight of climate refugees and other repercussions of climate change.

Each year, the festival strategically aligns its themes with current issues on national, regional, and global scales. Past themes have included gender-based violence, governance, and climate change, among others.

The upcoming fourth edition of Under our Skin is scheduled to take place from the 7th to the 15th November centering its focus on the theme of Culture. The festival will feature a thoughtfully curated selection of films from around the world.

In addition to the annual event, we extend our impact through year-round screenings in schools, informal settlements, and rural communities across Kenya, facilitated by partnerships with local grassroots organizations.

Festival Date

7th – 15th November 2024

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